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Friday, August 1, 2014


Hello everyone..
Just recovered my data from a BAD Hard drive of my server which just crashed suddenly.
My Autobackup script was working fine. 
But my backup script was not backing up personal home folders of users.

So first had to identify the LVS which was done by below commands

lvm vgscan lvm vgchange -ay lvm lvs

After finding the LVS finding the last superblock which will hopefully be in good condition.

mke2fs -n (note, -n) returns the superblocks:
$ sudo mke2fs -n /dev/--LVS--
mke2fs 1.42 (29-Nov-2011)
Filesystem label=
OS type: Linux
Block size=4096 (log=2)
Fragment size=4096 (log=2)
Stride=0 blocks, Stripe width=0 blocks
61054976 inodes, 244190363 blocks
12209518 blocks (5.00%) reserved for the super user
First data block=0
Maximum filesystem blocks=4294967296
7453 block groups
32768 blocks per group, 32768 fragments per group
8192 inodes per group
Superblock backups stored on blocks: 
    32768, 98304, 163840, 229376, 294912, 819200, 884736, 1605632, 2654208, 
    4096000, 7962624, 11239424, 20480000, 23887872, 71663616, 78675968, 
    102400000, 214990848
Now taking the last superbloc for e2fsck

$ sudo e2fsck -b 214990848 /dev/sdb1 

After this command just mounted the LVS 
and got all my files

Had written this in a hurry...
Still hope it helps some one..
Drop me  a mail if any one requires guidance...

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